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Auf ein Wort Mr. Dave Hughes

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Die fantastischen und mehr als informativen Bücher von Dave Hughes haben mich schon immer begeistert und sind
seit Jahren meine Begleiter und werden von mir gerne immer wieder zur Hand genommen. Erstaunlicher Weise
passen viele Informationen seiner Bücher auch sehr sehr gut zu TENKARA.

Durch Zufall bekam ich mit, dass Dave auch TENKARA fischend unterwegs ist und das war Anlass mit ihm per
Email Kontakt aufzunehmen und ihm folgende Fragen zu stellen:

Was war der Grund warum du TENKARA magst und in diesem Stil fischt ?
Und was macht TENKARA für dich attraktiv ?
Hi Bernhard,
Nice blog and video…I like that you're nymph fishing with tenkara…I do that often, though I prefer the dry fly when it
will work. My wife is
Japanese, and I discovered tenkara on a trip to Japan more than 20 years ago… I fell in love
with it (and with her) the moment I saw it done
(and the moment I saw here, too!). I like tenkara because it is
simple, light, I don't have to carry much stuff, but perhaps more because it cuts
away layers ofcomplications and
I can both focus and relax when I'm doing it. It becomes a sort of meditation, because when I'm doing tenkara
I'm never thinking about photography or an article or a book…it's not work, I'm just fishing, focusing, having fun.


I like it best on small to medium streams, the kind without trees growing overhead to catch my line and flies, the
kind with pools and pockets
that are close together, and within easy reach of the short tenkara cast. I do a lot
of micro-fishing now, with rods that are not designed for
tenkara, but are shorter, lighter, and much more delicate.
They let me fish my favorite small, brushy streams, and they make my favorite small
stream trout seem like big

In the second edition of my book Trout From Small Streams, published in 2014, I have a long chapter on tenkara,
includingmicro-fishing. It's the
first time I wrote about tenkara. Although I've done it for more than 20 years, and
the fad in the U.S. just started 6 or so years ago, I had too
much fun watching it all unfold for everybody else, to
step in and write about it myself… even though I'm a fly fishing writer for my occupation.

That is my answer. Above is a link to a short part of a program by Oregon Public Television. I wish someday I could
bring my wife to Austria and
go fishing with you.

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